Top 5 Best sewing machine for kids in India 2021

Best sewing machine for kids in India

Sewing Machine | Check on Amazon | September 2021

If your child shows an interest in sewing and has passed the point of being satisfied with hand sewing, you want to get him a sewing  so that he can hone his skills, while 1) being safe and 2) Do not overwhelm him.

Habits are better that the younger you are, the more the sewing machine habit and love is the one thing that can last with your child throughout life.

Even if they do not end up sewing like their careers, the time from being comfortable to repairing their own clothes, pillows, or even a seam, or replacing a zip, and Can save money and promote a free and creative spirit.

It is important to look for a sewing  where they can learn the ins and outs of sewing, but without hurting themselves.

Many early machines have a built-in needle threader, which makes things a little easier for small hands and also reduces the likelihood of them getting pinched.

A common problem is that choosing a machine for children is not an easy task as you will have to examine various features, advantages and disadvantages before purchasing the device to avoid any problems or injuries.

So today we are going to talk about the best sewing machines for children that you can buy. Now, without further ado, let’s move on to the article.

Best machine for 10 year old Best machine for 10 year old
YTYC Mini sewing best machine for 10 year old
  • Material E”
  • Brand YTYC
  • Dimensions 22x22x13 cm
  • Item weight 835 gm
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Sewing machine for kids beginners Sewing machine for kids beginners
Sevendi Handheld sewing machine
  • Color Multicolor
  • Material Iron
  • Brand Sevendi
  • Dimensions 10x8x6 cm
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Sewing machine for kids in India Sewing machine for kids in India
EG Sewing best sewing machine for kids
  • Material Plastic
  • Brand EG sewing
  • Dimensions 22x22x13 cm
  • Item weight 835 gm
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Best sewing machine for teenager Best sewing machine for teenager
Akiara Tailoring best sewing machine
  • Material Plastic
  • Brand Akira
  • Dimensions 24x13x23.5
  • Item weight 900gm
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kids sewing machine in India kids sewing machine in India
Motegi Mini Singer kids sewing machine
  • Material Plastic
  • Brand Motegi
  • Dimensions 50x50x100 milimeters
  • Item weight 110 gm
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In the below has the best sewing machine for kids in India.

1. YTYC Mini sewing best machine for 10 year old in India


Color As Shown
Material E”
Brand YTYC
Dimensions 22x22x13 cm
Item weight 835 gm
Power 4.8 watts
About this Item:

With an attractive design, the YTYC Mini Sewing Machine offers a two-speed adjustable sewing function. This sewing  is best for children because it is very safe and comfortable for learning. Provides a polluted environment and a thread cutter that makes sewing easier.

From beginner to advanced, everyone can do practical tasks such as making clothes, toys, or pillows. Thanks to the strained lever, the spool’s wide speed, foot pedal and power connector, this unit is very easy to use. It is a rechargeable electric machine so you can use it if there is no electricity.

  • Comes with the provide a bright environment
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • It is portable and rechargeable
  • Double switch designing

  • Difficult to repair

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2. Sevendi Handheld sewing machine for kids beginners


Color Multicolor
Material Iron
Brand Sevendi
Dimensions 10x8x6 cm

About this Item:

This Sewendi machine is a wonderful tool because it can be operated with one hand. This small  machine runs on an electric battery and can be recharged.

It is available in a wide variety of colors, so it will easily catch the attention of children. However, it is better than the brightly colored exterior.

This modern sewing machine was made for beginners, with easy sewing options and simple threading. It is also reasonably priced, making it a great sewing tool for your children.

It has two speed controls, no matter if you only have to do an up and down movement like a stapler, this tool will be very effective.

  • Very compact and easy to use.
  • Two speed control.
  • Low Price.

  • Cannot handle complex tasks.
  • Is not sustainable.
  • Hard to press continuously.

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3. EG Sewing best sewing machine for kids in India


Color White
Material Plastic
Brand EG sewing
Dimensions 22x22x13 cm
Item weight 835 gm
Power 4.8 watts
About this Item:

This easi sewing machine is a multi-purpose tool as it can help you to stitch, change and make fashionable and unique cushions, curtains, stains and more.

It is equipped with accessories including a needle, a power connector, four metal bobbins, 1 needle thread, etc. This makes your sewing experience easier.

In addition, it has a foot pedal to sit and stitch or change without tension. You can easily lower the tape with a fitted cutter when you finish sewing. In addition, it supports revolving rods and a ribbon spindle so that the spool can be easily rewinded.

  • Two speed control.
  • Rechargeable and easy to transport.
  • Double threads.

  • The price is a bit high.
  • Manual operation is required to sew clothes.
  • Medium quality.

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4. Akiara Tailoring best sewing machine for teenager in India


Color Multicolor
Material Plastic
Brand Akira
Dimensions 24x13x23.5
Item weight 900gm
Power source Corded electic, Battery powerd
About this Item:

Electric machine: Supports AC / DC power supply or battery power supply which is easy to turn on with a button or foot pedal (included). Easy to start sewing.

Double and Two Speed ​​Threads: The combination of bottom line and surface line with an automatic winding function provides a high quality seam. The switchable speed (low or high) of the machine provides perfect sewing control to suit your sewing skills.

High or low control: Double thread design makes stitching strong and eliminates stitching without tying threads. There is a speed button on the product to convert the speed to high or slow speed as per your demand.

Suitable for Beginners: There is a threading direction on the machine that helps you thread easily. And this item was designed with a mini size and a type of stitching that is not complicated but matches the original demand for sewing at home.

Two power modes – Our mini sewing allows you to power 4xAA batteries or AC / DC adapters. You can enjoy sewing anywhere.

  • Electrical  machine
  • Double threads and two speeds
  • Easy to control
  • Value for money
  • High or low control
  • Suitable for beginner
  • Two power mode

  • Not found any


5. Motegi Mini Singer kids sewing machine in India


Color White
Material Plastic
Brand Motegi
Dimensions 50x50x100 milimeters
Item weight 110 gm
Power source Battery
About this Item:

Electrical operation manifold

It is compatible with adapter or battery power supply in this electric sewing machine. And it is easy to start the machine with a foot pedal or button.

Size suitable for comfortable sewing.

The expandable table makes sewing easier and the cuff groove is designed for stitching on the sleeves and legs.

Automatic spool rewinding

It is easy to rewind a new coil by following the manual. And it comes equipped with a built-in thread cutter for easy sewing.

Applied clothes

Fabrics that cannot be sewn: coarse fabrics such as denim, velvet and other coarse fabrics

Wide application

With classic straight line stitching, it is perfect for sewing some small things, such as aprons / purses / children’s pants / shopping bags / curtains.

Tutorial channel

See more tutorial information to know about this sewing machine. And we would like to suggest that you read the manual before use.

Lamp and thread cutter

The built-in lamp provides ample light source for its stitching work. And after finishing the stitch, you can also cut the thread easily with a fitted cutter.

  • Multiplied electrical operating
  • Suitable size for convenient sewing
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic bobbin rewinding

  • Not found any

How to choose a machine for children

Does your child want to learn to sew like you? It is a great feeling to teach your children something that you are passionate about. it’s not like that? But this task requires the purchase of a children’s machine because children cannot be taught the craft of sewing on an adult sewing . The cause can be both functional and safety complications.

A  machine can be dangerous for children because the needle moves quickly at the center of all tasks. This needle can be very dangerous for children’s fingers. Secondly, an adult’s sewing machine comes with complex tasks that children may have a hard time understanding and learning to sew.

There are many easy to use and child friendly sewing  available in the market. You can choose any of them for your child so that he can learn sewing easily. They can always proceed to a larger, more

sophisticated  machine when they are done. Following are the factors that you need to consider when purchasing a children’s  machine.

A Real Machine or a Toy machine?

There are many toy sewing that can be purchased at local toy stores and department stores. They come in beautiful colors and some basic functionality. Toy sewing  are certainly fun to use, but at the end of the day, they are toys and won’t last long. Also, any stitching done to them will not last long.

If your child is under 6 years old, you may consider purchasing a toy sewing machine for now. But if your child is older, invest in a real children’s  machine to teach them important things from day one. A real  machine will help your child learn the craft of sewing and actually gain knowledge in developing their sewing skills.

Choose quality over price

»Obviously, you want to go for the cheapest Best sewing machine for kids in India. But when it comes to a  machine, you will be better for quality than price. A good, well-designed sewing  will encourage your child’s interest in sewing and encourage him to learn faster and do better.

»The best sewing machines for children are generally standard machines that come with all basic functions. The result of these sewing  is of good quality and will encourage your child to practice and learn more.

»Invest in top sewing brands like Jemom, Brother and Singer to get good quality and many features for the money you spend on your machine. These brands of  machines will give you the highest quality for the price you pay. Do not go for cheap options that do not provide a finish and do not have attractive features.


»When it comes to selecting the best sewing machine for children, safety is one of the most important aspects.

»One of the main features to consider when speaking of  machine safety is whether they come with finger guards or not. Many children’s sewing have finger guards to always protect the smallest fingers.

»Due to the small size of their fingers, they can enter tight spots that can be dangerous. Finger guards are an effective way of preventing accidents.

»If you are worried that your  machine does not have finger guards for your child, you can buy them separately and add them.

Easy to use

»Finding a sewing machine that is relatively easy for children to use is important. If you choose one that is too complicated to set up, your child is more likely to lose interest in using it.

»Therefore, you should consider buying a sewing  that children can learn to set without getting frustrated.

»The type of machine you choose for ease of use will depend on your child’s age and level of experience. For example, machines that come with speed options are the most popular for children.

»This is because they allow children to easily control low speed until they develop their confidence and can »use high speed settings. Also, children may take a little longer to get used to the pedal  machine.

»Children with slider speed control and start / stop switches can be easy to use for children if they are complete beginners.

»An automatic needle threader is one of the features that can make toddler sewing  easier for children to use. They can spend less time struggling to thread the needle and more time improves their sewing skills.

»In addition, jam-resistant bobbin sewing machines would also be great. Taps can be prone to slowing down and slowing down your child’s progress. Those with a jam-resistant function ensure a smooth seam.

6 tips to improve your child’s sewing skills

Whenever a child shows an interest in crafts, especially sewing, it is important to encourage and cultivate that interest without overwhelming the child. The last thing you want is for your child to get frustrated or worse, stitched with sewing.

The way you teach your child can make or break the experience.

Try these six tips to improve your child’s sewing skills.

Choose projects that match your skills

Sewing should be fun. Choosing projects that are too difficult or beyond your child’s abilities will only thwart them all. You cannot run before you walk, so choose projects that are suited to your child’s abilities.

When children can achieve their goals with relative ease, they gain satisfaction and motivation to keep moving forward.

Here are some general guidelines to teach each age group:

  • 2-4 years old: Thread and shoel can be used to tie beads or punch cards. Ensuring your safety while improving your skills.
  • 5-9 years old: Children can learn the basics of hand sewing, such as practicing standard stitches with needles and cloth.
  • 10–13 years of age: Older children can work on early level projects using  machines and patterns. Projects may include bags or pillows.
  • Age 13+: Teens can learn basic adaptation techniques, such as making modifications for real-world skills. They can also work on more advanced sewing projects, such as textiles.

Play with their interests

The goal is to get children interested in Best sewing machine for kids in India. The best way to do this is to play with their interests. You can create fun projects that inspire and inspire your child. Motivation creates excitement, which motivates children to finish the project.

Depending on your child’s age group and abilities, you can let them choose their supplies such as clothes. Children can choose clothes with their favorite characters or colors, and even fun clothes such as fox fur and velvet.

Provide a step-by-step guide to projects.

When creating sewing lessons and projects for your child, look for ways to help him improve the skills in small steps. Covering multiple ideas at once will only overwhelm and disappoint your child. This will make it even more difficult to maintain important details and lessons. It is better to keep it simple than before.

For young children, it is best to complete sewing projects in 1-2 hours. Older children may find it easier to complete a large project over the course of several sessions. Use your judgment as a guide.

When creating sewing projects, make sure to provide step-by-step instructions that are easy for your little one to follow.

For example, you can provide lessons with:

  • Photographs or photographs taken of each stage.
  • Checkboxes that can be checked at the completion of each step
  • Organized boxes with only the necessary supplies for the sewing project

Turn Mistakes into Lessons

When children learn to sew, they will undoubtedly make mistakes. These mistakes are important lessons that will help your child improve their sewing skills with Best sewing machine for kids in India .

Use these mistakes as learning opportunities. This is the best way for them to improve their sewing skills.

Take some time to talk about what may be causing the error. Perhaps your child was working too fast or not understanding the instructions. Understanding the cause of the error can help prevent it from happening again in the future.

It is also important to remind your child that mistakes happen to even the most experienced.

Fill the shelf

Books are excellent resources for older children. They provide project inspiration and also provide detailed instructions on how to complete these sewing projects. Your child will learn and master new skills while creating fun new projects.

Books are not a substitute for the practical lessons you provide, but they can be great for older children who have some experience and want to work more independently. We go here for the list of the best sewing books suggested for children and beginners.

Work with your child’s imagination

Give creative freedom to your children. Let them dream, plan and make. Let them use their scraps of cloth to make small pillows or bags or whatever they want. By encouraging children to exploit their creativity, you are allowing them to try out new ideas and techniques without fear.


All these sewing machines are a great option when looking for child friendly  machines. The main difference that you will find is that Donner and Sheridan are more affordable than other listed machines.

However, you will sacrifice advanced features that may be necessary for your child to gain more experience.

For starters, they are still big and small sewing machines for children and you don’t have to spend an arm or a leg. If your child is a little older when they start sewing, the Genome Arctic Crystal, Brother XM2701 or Singer Start may be most desirable for a children’s  machine.

We are glad that you are interested in starting sewing your baby. It is a life skill that allows all children to spend endless hours away from television. We hope that our list of the Best sewing machine for kids in India was helpful.

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