Top 5 Best Overlock Machine in India 2021

Best Overlock Machine in India

Overlock sewing machine | Check on Amazon | July 2021

Overlock sewing machines are more in demand than normal sewing machines. The reason for this is that they are the best for making all types of garments. If you are a person who likes to sew a lot of clothes or if you have a business where you need to sew clothes, then overlock machine are what you should look for.

These machines will give a professional and high quality look to your costumes. We have listed some of the best overlocking sewing machines which are available in India and have their distinctive features. If you are looking for one, this list will definitely help you.

Interlock best sewing machine brands in India Interlock best sewing machine brands in India
Overlock Interlock best sewing machine
  • Brand Generic
  • Material Cast Iron
  • Item Dimensions 25x20x10 cm
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sewing machine in India under 15000 sewing machine in India under 15000
LPI Overlock best sewing machine
  • Material Steel
  • Brand LPI
  • Pressure foot lift Upto 5mm
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Overlock best sewing machine Overlock best sewing machine
Guru special Overlock best sewing machine
  • Material Steel
  • Brand Guru
  • Stitch Length 3 to 4 mm
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Overlock best manual sewing machine Overlock best manual sewing machine
Lucky 50 watt Overlock best manual sewing machine
  • Material Cast Iron
  • Brand Lucky
  • Voltage 220-240V
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Best sewing machine Best sewing machine
Guru Special Overlock best sewing machine
  • Material Steel
  • Brand Guru
  • Stitch Length 3 to 4 mm
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In the below has the best overlock machine in India.

1. Overlock Interlock best sewing machine brands in India


Color Green
Brand Generic
Material Cast Iron
Item Dimensions 25x20x10 cm
Needle Threading Three Thread
Bed Type Cast Iron
Drive Hand, Treadle & Motor
Sewing Speed 3300 stitches per minute

About this Item:

Generic sewing overlock machine are very popular and manufactured by Chanan Singh & Sons. The company was established in 1977 and has since been a leading manufacturer of a variety of sewing machines, sewing machine stands and sewing machine accessories.

The body of this overlocker is made of cast iron, which makes it durable and strong. The machine is semi-automatic and the item also has paddles, hands and motors.

The maximum sewing speed of this overlock machine is 3300 stitches per minute. As you know, the heel or cuff of the pants often requires a circular seam and for this reason this product comes with a free arm function.

  • It is suitable for hemstitching or seam
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • The Machine is quite sturdy and tough built
  • Stitching speed is quite fast

  • This company not provides any stand.


2. LPI Overlock best sewing machine in India under 15000


Color Green
Material Steel
Brand LPI
Pressure foot lift Upto 5mm
Stitch length Upto 3.2mm
Dimensions 30x26x24
Item weight 9.5 kg
Warranty 10 days Replacement Policy

About this Item:

Lakhanpal Industries is one of the best manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of sewing machines in India. The LPI model is a high quality overlocking sewing machine that they manufacture.

It is a 3 thread overlocking sewing machine, which ensures that all your garments have a high quality finish after sewing.

The presser foot lift of the LPI overlock machine is up to 5 mm and the stitch length given by the item is up to 3.2 mm.

The machine weighs 11 kg, which is a standard weight for an overlocking sewing machine. With the help of LPI overlock machine, you can easily sew clothes of any kind and other boutiques.

  • Stitches are durable and tough
  • Value for money
  • Easy to easy
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used in textile mills or small businesses
  • The structure is strong and sturdy

  • It is not provided any stand and motor with this.


3. Guru special Overlock best sewing machine in India under 10000


Color Red
Material Steel
Brand Guru
Stitch Length 3 to 4 mm
Stitches 3600 per minute
Dimensions 33.02×27.94×25.4 cm
Item weight 13 kg

About this Item:

Triple thread overlock stitch

The machine overclocked with triple thread stitches, known for adorned edges. This machine sewing pattern helps to stitch knitted or woven garments, as well as to finish the edges of the fabric.

Stop off

The overlock machine not only stitches two layers of clothing, but also prevents the fabric from moving. It also gives the fabric a professional finish and will not give loose ends or hanging threads.

The steel

The overlock sewing machine has all steel parts that prevent the machine from rusting and make the machine last longer. All steel parts also help the machine’s durability so that it can handle a wide variety of tasks.


The machine has a breakneck speed of 3600 stitches per minute. This speed helps to complete the work faster so that you can take another task in hand and complete the work in the allotted time or even earlier.


The Guru Special Overlock Sewing Machine is designed to sew beautiful seams that make the fabric beautiful and elegant. Add a touch of natural beauty to the fabric or any material you stitch.

  • It is very heavy duty
  • Compatible
  • It is comes with the long-lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with the steel parts
  • Made from heavy material

  • Not comes with any stand


4. Lucky 50 watt Overlock best manual sewing machine in India


Color White
Material Cast Iron
Brand Lucky
Voltage 220-240V
Wattage 50 watt
Dimensions 23x35x30 cm
Package Contents 1 Overlock Sewing Machine
Warranty 5 year

About this Item:

If you are looking for an overlocker that can run around the clock, then a lucky 50 watt overlock machine will be the right choice for you.

This machine is ideal for sewing specialists or professionals who stitch premium quality fabrics. It provides 3300 stitches in a minute, making it a very fast machine for sewing all kinds of clothes.

The machine also has an automatic lubrication system, which keeps the chain and belt adequately lubricated. So that it works smoothly.

In this way, you will not have to face any difficulties during the sewing process. You can sew almost any type of fabric or material: thick, fine or medium.

The overlock machine can support up to four threads simultaneously. All these features help in providing high speed stitching of correct and strong stitches.

  • It is comes with the 3300 stitches in a minute
  • Value for money
  • It is comes with the 5 year warranty
  • All kinds of fabric can be stitched by this item
  • Comes with the best material

  • It is not suitable for beginners

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5. Guru Special Overlock best sewing machine for tailoring shop


Color Red
Material Steel
Brand Guru
Stitch Length 3 to 4 mm
Stitches 3600 per minute
Dimensions 33.02×27.94×25.4 cm
Item weight 13 kg

About this Item:

Guru Machine Company is also located in Ludhiana, Punjab. Overlock sewing machines; They are among all overlock machines. The entire body of the machine is made of steel, which makes it strong.

The machine also includes a motor and has a stand made of cast iron. In a minute, the machine can deliver up to 3000 stitches, which is a very good speed.

You can sew almost any type of fabric material, whether it is rough or soft, with this machine. The length of the stitches varies from 3 to 4 mm. The company also exports these overlock machines outside India.

  • The sewing speed of the machine is quite fast.
  • It comes with a motor and a bracket.
  • The presser foot on the machine is adjustable.
  • You can sew any type of fabric very quickly.
  • It is value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with the best material

  • Sewing speed is not adjustable.

Buying Guide of best overlock machine in India

Overlockers, also known as overlockers, were originally used for industrial sewing. However, thanks to advances in technology that allowed for lighter and more compact sewing machines, these units can now be found in many homes.

Overlock machine provide many benefits that you will not find on traditional sewing machines. Not only are overlockers faster and more efficient, but they also allowing you to reduce the extra seam allowance when sewing, saving you the hassle of using scissors or other cutting aids.

In addition, overlockers are inexpensive machines that will allow you to change clothes easily.

What does a Overlocker sewing machine?

»The main function of the overlock machine is to wet or sew and encase the raw edges of the fabric. When you use an overlocker to sew, the machine creates neat seams such as those on store-bought clothing. In addition, overlock stitches not only eliminate the edges, but also prevent the seam from making a mess.

»Most overlockers come with a built-in knife blade that cuts the extra seam allowance while sewing the machine.

»As such, sewing professionally prepared seams is a quick and easy one step process. That said, apart from eliminating the edges of the fabric, these machines have many other uses.

»You can use these machines to make decorative borders, cover stitches, make seam plates, join elastics, or sew woven fabrics.

How to use a overlocker

If you have ever used a traditional sewing machine, you would wonder if operating an overlock would be a similar experience. The answer is yes and no, as there are similarities and some differences between these two types of sewing machines.

An overlock machine, for example, provides the option to adjust the length of the stitch with the help of a dial such as what you would find on a mechanical sewing machine. Both machines also work with a foot pedal, although some electronic sewing machines are controlled with buttons.

To use an overlock machine, you must first thread it. Threading is probably the most challenging aspect when it comes to using this versatile machine, as you can use 2 to 5 spool threads at a time. It is quite different to use multiple threads which are the most commonly used gutter when using a specific sewing machine.

After threading, the next step is to learn how to use different functions on an overlocker. For example, cutting blades can be raised to uplift when additional seam allowance is not required to beautify the edges.

In addition, you have to learn how to adjust the thread tension, differential feed, and width of stitch cutting. Fortunately, most of these functions can be activated with the turn of a dial or with sliders that come as part of the operating control found on an overlocker.

How three years old from an owner

Generally, overlockers may use 5 thread cones simultaneously. However, 4-wire models are the most common. The thread spools used by these machines will go through an upper and lower looper, along with two needle guides.

Threading begins by lifting the thread bar of the telescope and inserting its first cone into the appropriate shaft holder. Once this is done, each spool thread will go through a loop in the telescopic thread bar, under the hook at the top edge of the machine, through the slated channel, and then the tension tension between the front disks.

Beyond the tension disk, each spool of thread passes through a few different paths. For example, the upper and lower jaws continue to the front of the slotted channel and then into a wire guide. These spools pass through a series of hooks and attachment points within the steering wheel, most of which are color-coded for easy threading.

In the next step, the needle spools pass under a hook and there are two thread guides just above the needle area. Finally, all threads pass under the tail presser foot and through the side or back of the needle plate.

Stretching the overlock sewing machine may seem complicated, but most models provide detailed drawings to make the process easier. In addition, some machines are also color-coded to help you know where each spool of thread goes.

How to choose a good boss?

Reputed brand

 However there are many brands of overlock sewing machines, among which it is always wise to arrange for a reputable manufacturer.

At some point, you may want to replace a broken part or buy new accessories, and reputable brands are known for providing high quality units with reliable aftermarket support.

Among the many options available, some of the well-known brands include Brother, Singer, Genome, Babylock, Elna, Barnea, Husqvarna, Juki and Puff.

Durable or rugged design

Overlock sewing machines are not all the same. Some models are built to last, while the cheaper one breaks easily.

If you want a machine that will serve you for years, be sure to choose models manufactured with metal components. Metal parts last longer and add weight to the machine so that it remains stable during use.

High multi-thread sewing capacity

As mentioned above, overlock machines use 2 to 5 threads at a time. However, the number of spits of any overlock ultimately depends on the model chosen. The more threads of a particular model, the higher the price.

When thinking about how many spool threads you want in your unit, do not consider the cost. With a 2-thread overlock, you can create only the primary edges, while a 3-thread setting will prevent the seam from being sinister.

For more decorative work, consider using an overlock that sews four or five threads. While 5-thread overlockers are the most expensive, they are also the most versatile.

Differential feed

When purchasing an overlock sewing machine, you will come across several models that claim to offer differential advancement.

With this feature the machines are equipped with two sets of feed dogs that can control how fast or slow the fabric moves through the needle area.

Differential feed is a great feature if you want to overlock on different materials. For example, the difference ratio for stretch fabric will be different for woven material.

What’s more, different results can be achieved when you have the freedom to manipulate the speed with which the clothes are pulled. For example, you can create a ripple effect or “latched edge” when sewing the seam as the fabric moves rapidly through the feed teeth.

Free arm

The free hand basically reduces the area of ​​the work surface of the throat plate when a part of the base is removed. This feature is useful when you need to sew small, curved areas of a garment such as cuffs, collars and sleeve holes.

An added bonus to the look is the hollow storage compartment in the free arm clamping area, which comes with some overlockers. This feature will allow you to store all your items in one place.


High speed

Most traditional sewing overlock machine run normally when it comes to sewing, compared to an average speed of 800 stitches (SPM) per minute. For example, entry-level overlockers can provide speeds of up to 1,300 stitches per minute.

You can also see that some manufacturers specify speeds in revolutions per minute (rpm). This is because most overlockers have to complete one revolution for every stitch they make. So don’t be confused, because SPM and RPM mean the same.

Remember that a fast overlocker will complete the task faster than a slower one. The only caveat with fast overclockers is that they cost more. However, a quick unit is worth it if you are working on bulk sewing projects.

Easy to use Control

Before deciding on any overlocker, be sure to evaluate its ease of use. Here is a list of questions to note:

  • Does the device come with an easy-to-use dial to adjust stitch length, cutting width, and differential feed?
  • Do you have a color-coded threading guide to help you thread easily?
  • If your machine has the ability to hem, do you have to go through the trouble of adding a special plate or turning the dial to do the conversion?
  • Are the dials on the machine clearly labeled?
  • Does your chosen model include a bulb to illuminate the work area in low light conditions?
  • Can the pressing leg be easily held and removed or should it be screwed into place?
  • Does the unit have a built-in cutter or do you have to manually trim the extra seam allowance


It is common for manufacturers to offer overlock machine with accessories in one package. For example, your overlocker may come with additional equipment such as accessory feet, carry cases, dust covers, spool nets, spool caps, clips, stabilizer mats, elastic or pad puckering attachments and scrap catchers.

Some brands will offer less, while others will offer more goods at no additional cost. So before buying, always find out what is in the box.

Consider your budget

How much you are willing to spend on the overclocker plays a big role in the final decision you make. Entry-level units can cost £ 100 or less, while high-end machines can cost several thousand pounds. As with most items, the more you spend, the more features you get.

However, it is important to note that the most expensive overlockers are not always the best. Sometimes you pay more for brand names or quirky features that you will never use.

To make an informed decision, make a list of all the features you want to put in an overlock and then shop around. Visit different vendors in both online and physical stores at your location, and be sure to read customer reviews on the web and compare prices and features from different brands that match your preferences. Once you set a price range for your favorite overlocker, choose the one that offers the best value for money.

If you are on a tight budget, consider purchasing a used overlocker from a reputable source. If the seller allows buyers to test the machine before purchase, it would be even better. The only downside to buying a used machine is that it cannot come with a warranty.


These are some of the best sewing  overlock machines in India. We have provided detailed information on the specifications to make it easy for you to choose.

Overlocking sewing machines are certainly more expensive than regular sewing machines, but you can consider them as an investment if you want to use them for home use or if you have a small business. Either way, these machines will be worth the money you spend.

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