Best types of Mattress in India | Expert Guide 2022

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Types of Mattresses | Check on Amazon | March 2022

India is one of the largest countries and has a wide variety of people. All these people celebrate India’s diversity with different priorities and options.

However, there is one thing that we as humans can all agree on, and that is the importance of sleep for our well-being.

While most of us focus on work and other things, most people ignore their health problems not only in India, but all over the world.

One thing that most people have in common is their types of mattress in India, through lifestyle changes and major life events. But many people do not consider the long-term effects of old or incompatible mattresses before it is too late.

But the reality is that just like exercising, taking care of your personal and professional life, your sleep deserves equal attention for health.

The quality of sleep in your life says a lot about your physical and mental health, both in the short and long term.

An inconsistent or outdated and sagging mattress can cause changes in your lifestyle due to physical problems and health issues.

In addition, each type of mattress can be covered from different materials with its own characteristics.

Here we present the some most popular mattress types that are currently the best-selling in the Indian market: foam, spring, memory foam and latex.

In each link you will find a detailed description of their features and information about their characteristics, prices, advantages, disadvantages, or the type of audience for which they are recommended.

All of this will allow you to understand the keys and decision-making factors to consider when choosing the right types of mattress in India

Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress
Sleepyhead 3 Layered Orthopedic
  • Dimension 72x36x5 cm
  • Brand Sleepyhead
  • Construction Type Foam Construction
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Mattress Memory foam Mattress Memory foam
SleepX Ortho Mattress
  • Dimension 7x48x5inch
  • Brand SleepX
  • Construction Type Foam Construction
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Orthopedic mattress foam Mattress Orthopedic mattress foam Mattress
Insleep 8 inch soft king size Orthopedic
  • Size King
  • Brand Insleep
  • Construction Type Foam
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Latex mattress with smart zipper cover Latex mattress with smart zipper cover
SleepyCat 7inch Organic Latex mattress
  • Color Grey
  • Product Dimensions 182.88×152.4×17.78 cm
  • Warranty 10 year
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Firm Starlite Firm Starlite
Sleepwell coir mattress price list
  • Weight 6.79 kg
  • Color Beige
  • Dimension 190.5×88.9×12.7 cm
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1. Sleepyhead 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress


Dimension 72x36x5 cm
Brand Sleepyhead
Construction Type Foam Construction
Size Single
Item Thickness 5 Inches
Item Weight 9.4 kg
Color White
Warranty 3 Year
About the Item:
  • Sleephead is the best latex Mattresses in India and giving the right amount of density and the best amount of washable external covering, the sleephead mattress comes with a high quality cover that you can wash regularly for better hygiene .
  • And a good combination of sliphead density, coolness, a soft layer of breath, and more provides volume. This mattress has great features to provide you a restful sleep and ease your back pain.
  • If you do not want to struggle while sleeping, this types of mattress in India is the perfect mattress for your back pain to get a comfortable sleep at night. And Sleephead is making the best durable mattress.
  • So you can use this mattress for a long time with the same quality and comfort. Sleephead is the best mattress for back pain in India and is in high demand for sleepers users.
  • Pain relief
  • Supportable
  • Use best material
  • Value for money

  • Little heavier

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2. SleepX Ortho Mattress Memory foam


Dimension 7x48x5inch
Brand SleepX
Construction Type Foam Construction
Size Double
Item Thickness 5 Inches
Item Weight 22 kg
Color Purple
Primary material Cotton
Warranty 3 Year
About the Item:
  • The SleepX Ortho Memory Foam types of mattress in India Quilting provides great comfort and supports with body pressure points and extra comfort and extra thickness.
  • Nowadays back pain is becoming a common problem for all people and the main problem is that people sleep on wrong mattresses. It is the best mattress for the back and neck.
  • And gives you the best in back support solution. Sleepwell mattresses are adjusted according to your sleeping position and provide the best support at your pressure points to give permanent relief to your back.
  • So, SleepX is the  best latex Mattresses in India. More about this source textSource text required for additional translation information.
  • Very comfortable
  • It’s provide quality sleep
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use

  • Only one color is available


3. Insleep 8 inch soft king size Orthopedic mattress foam Mattress


Size King
Brand Insleep
Construction Type Foam
Item weight 29 kg
Color Grey and White
Product Dimensions 198.12×182.88×20.3cm
Primary Material Memory Foam
About this Item:

This types of mattress in India is a silent mattress. If you sleep as a couple due to its channel design, it provides more comfort.

Thanks to the viscoelastic layer, which is very dense foam, it provides good support for the back without causing discomfort, as well as good blood flow.

As it is a firmer mattress, it will provide you with the support needed to reduce back problems as well as be reversible, which is beneficial as the room and body temperature adapt.

You have a major advantage when choosing a Corfitt mattress, as it comes with a washable and breathable, which allows a good flow of air along with body temperature.

This best orthopedic mattress is designed for seniors who need good support without being too rigid to provide more strength and relaxation.

If you are looking for a type of mattress with quality materials, as well as a good design at the best price, then it is close to all your needs.

Its thickness is 20.3 cm, which does not reduce comfort and resistance, ensuring adaptability to any compression.

  • It is Orthopedic dual comfort
  • Less carbon foot print
  • It is anti-bacterial knitted fabric
  • It is comfortable
  • 100% High resilient support foam

  • This mattress comes with white color and white color instantly become dirty

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4. SleepyCat 7inch Organic Latex mattress with smart zipper cover


Size Queen
Brand SleepyCat
Construction Type Foam
Item weight 30 kg
Color Grey
Product Dimensions 182.88×152.4×17.78 cm
Warranty 10 year
About this Item:

This best orthopedic mattress made of latex and high density foam, this mattress has ergonomic properties suitable to suit all types of people, irrespective of their morphology.

In addition, it has 7 comfort zones and a thickness of 17.8 cm. They provide an ideal condition for people with back pain and ensure that they are not exposed to chemical and toxic emissions during their manufacture.

If you are looking for a brand that makes mattresses by hand and respects the environment, then Sleepype Mattress may be your best option as it is made of natural fiber, especially of 100% natural latex.

Thanks to types of mattress in India latex foam, the latest generation of mattresses have the ability to breathe good air, which is beneficial for those who sweat a lot during sleep.

As mattress experts, we believe that SleepSat latex mattresses are the best value for money compared to high-end mattresses on the market. So it is the best orthopedic mattress in India.

Additional source requires more information about this source text source.

  • Comes with the stays cool and comfortable
  • 7 zones of comfort
  • It is all natural and durable
  • Head and Neck support zone
  • Lumbar support zone

  • It is comes with only one color

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5. Sleepwell coir mattress price list | Firm Starlite



Size Single
Brand Sleepwell
Construction Foam
Item Firmness Extra Firm
Weight 6.79 kg
Color Beige
Dimension 190.5×88.9×12.7 cm
About this Item:

Sleepwell Best coir mattresses Starlight’s extra firm Coconut Fiber Mattress is made from high-density rubberized coconut fiber. It has 2 layers.

The soft polyurethane foam layer provides soft support and the air mesh fabric layer helps to increase air circulation within the mattress.

Cleanliness. The PU layer also improves support, comfort level, and long-lasting property. The coconut ball made of natural rubber helps in correcting the posture of the body and supports the back.

This types of mattress in India coir mattress single bed sized is available in 3 beautiful colors with natural goodness: beige, purple and red.

  • Improved air circulation
  • Airmesh fabric
  • It is comes with the single size
  • It is comfortable
  • Value for money

  • It is not large in size

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6. Amazon Brand Solimo Coir foam mattress price


Size King
Brand Amazon Brand Solimo
Construction Foam
Item Firmness Firm
Weight 26 kg
Color White
Dimension 78x72x5 inch
Warranty 5 year
About this Item:

Solimo is an Amazon brand and is a Solimo coconut mattress. This mattress is ideal for those who sleep and want a greater degree of comfort behind their body. This is the best coconut mattress for couples to sleep comfortably.

The Solimo types of mattress gives you a comfortable sleep with this fiber fiber mattress and the re-attached foam also gives you a firm firm foundation with premium polyester fabric finish for an extra soft feel.

This best coir mattresses has air circulation to keep Solimo body temperature. It is the best coconut fiber mattress in India and comes with a 5-year warranty.

  • It is comfortable
  • Pain Relief
  • Value for money
  • Layered with natural coir and bonded foam

  • Price is little high


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7. Sleepyhead Sense 3 Zoned Orthopedic Cooling Foam Mattress.


Size 72x48x6 inches
Brand Sleepyhead
Construction Type Foam Construction
Product Firmness Medium
Item weight 17.9 kg
Color White

About this Item:

Latest in Sleep Science – PCM Technology

The phase change cooling (pcm) technique absorbs and redistributes body heat, so that you can nap happily during the night.

3 Zoned Support and Breathability

The 3-zonth orthopedic support foam not only provides support, but also controls each pressure point individually, allowing your spine to be fully aligned.

Responsive Memory Foam

In this best mattress for senior citizens in India has middle layer of advanced high density, pressure relief memory foam, cushions your body like a cocoon.

Cooler temperature for better sleep

Sleepyhead Sense uses phase changing cooling foam to keep you constantly cool.

Multi-layer support for all body types

The multi-layer comfort makes your types of mattress feel like a nice hug. Think of cooling foam, comfort foam, memory foam and an extra layer of support.

Breathable cloth

This types of mattress in Indialatest break-through in sleep science has been created using plus cooling fabric that breathes and transmits air better.

So comfortable, it feels like a luxury

You get happiness Softness, cooling technology and comfort allows you to sleep outside this world.

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8. Flo Ortho High Resilience Foam mattress.


Size Queen
Brand FLO
Construction Type Foam Construction
Product Firmness Firm
Item weight 17.91kg
Color White
Dimensions 190.5×121.92×15.24 cm

About this Item:

Sleep well

Best mattress for senior citizens in India are affected by white gel micro-capsules that absorb heat from your body and then release it away from your body through our 3D flow fabric. So when you are sleeping, our mattress is hard at work.

Abnormal spine support

Our proprietary fl respective foam forms the basis of our mattress, and is designed to respond accurately to pressure. The more pressure your body puts on the mattress, the more it reacts to help you.

Great for your skin

Our zipped, high quality cashmere fabric cover has been specially treated with aloe vera gel to keep your skin looking hydrated and youthful. In fact, it is so soft, that you can feel the temptation not to use the bed sheet!

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 In the below has the some types of mattress which is help you in sleeping.

  • Latex Mattress


A latex foam mattress is the smallest mattress option you can choose. Made of solid latex and fastened to a mattress, the latex foam mattress is one of the longest and most usable mattresses that you can use in India and around the world. Here are the reasons why latex foam mattresses are one of the best options for your bedroom:

Benefits of a latex foam mattress: Cons of a latex mattress:
A. The natural origin of latex foam gives it a significant boost in terms of longevity and the benefits it provides.


These mattresses last a long time and remain in good condition, and can last up to 10–15 years depending on maintenance.


B. Latex foam mattresses are hypoallergenic and can repel dust, mite, mold and other external factors.


As long as you periodically brush or expose your mattress to the sun, you can use a latex foam mattress for a longer period of time.


C. Latex foam is temperature neutral and does not sufficiently regulate or regulate body temperature to worry about tilting on both sides.


This property is particularly useful to help it last longer and stay the same through the peak of seasonal changes.


You get a mattress that supports and comforts you regardless of the environment.


D. The density of latex foam is variable and can be made softer, more elastic and stronger to ensure greater support.


This means that if you have a preference for comfort and support levels, you can go for mattresses in different density options.


The latex foam mattress is medium firm and can be used in orthopedics as well as standard mattresses.


As mentioned above, density can change your experience and suit your body better. You can use latex foam in orthopedic and hotel mattresses.


A. Since latex foam mattresses are naturally sour, the availability of your preferred density and support may cause the price to be higher.


But, given how long they last and live like new, if you want a luxurious and restful sleep experience for a decade or more, this is the high price.


B. Although latex foams are temperature neutral and prevent allergies, you may need to keep the mattress with an occasional cleaning and sun drying if something is dropped or you are sleeping hot, creating moisture.


This minimal maintenance is the only maintenance required for your latex foam mattress and can help your mattress last longer.




Memory foam types of mattress in India embody a luxurious sleeping experience. A memory foam mattress or memory foam layers are unmatched to help ease pressure.

They are ideal for people who want a pressure relieving sleep that relaxes and controls their bodies. In addition, memory foam mattresses are a great option for average or healthy body weight people. Considering the Indian lifestyle and needs, the pros and cons of memory foam are:

Types of Memory foam mattress in India best mattress in India


Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress: Disadvantages of memory foam mattress:
A. Memory foam is perfect for those who need a “hag” feel as it bends around parts and parts of your body.


The best thing about having a memory foam mattress is that it helps to give you a comfortable and comfortable experience at the end of the day.


This is particularly useful for average Indian households where people follow a good sleep schedule and regular (more or less passive) work.


B. The density of a memory foam mattress says a lot about its quality and how it handles your body pressure.


The higher the density of a memory foam mattress, the more benefits and long-term support it can offer.


This property also helps orthopedic requirements, as orthopedics require medium-firm and high density to ensure adequate support.


Therefore, those who want comfort and contour support in one package can opt for a memory foam mattress.


Especially useful for the elderly and people with chronic pain, as long as the density of the mattress is high.


C. Pressure Relief – Memory foam exerts any pressure around the flex. Despite the high density, it has a slower reaction time than other foams with similar density levels.


So if you need a cuddling experience or pressure relief experience at the end of the day, memory foam is an ideal option.


A high-density memory foam mattress is perfect for people with strenuous physical jobs, as high density helps support and its core property helps your body relax.


D. A memory foam mattress is also a good option for those who actively switch between sleeping positions on their sides and on their backs.


Helps relax your major pressure points and helps with spinal alignment.


A. Memory foam mattress is suitable for average or typical body weight people because it can support only a limited amount and provide comfort at the same time.


While the right choice for orthopedic and general use, memory foam mattresses can only support a certain level of body weight to be comfortable.


B. You can retain body heat, and this can be both a disadvantage and an advantage.


This is a subjective option, as some people may prefer a mattress that retains heat and there is no problem sleeping with some insulation.


  1. Orthopedic mattress:

Orthopedic mattresses are a good option for people with a medical diagnosis with greater comfort and support. People with chronic back or shoulder pain, the elderly, and other medical conditions should only choose a doctor-prescribed orthopedic mattress.

Along with that, orthopedic mattresses are available in a variety of different material configurations. You can see the common advantages and disadvantages of orthopedic mattress given below:

Best Orthopedic mattress in India


Benefits of an orthopedic mattress: Disadvantages of an orthopedic mattress:
A. Orthopedic mattresses are different from regular mattresses, in that they provide more support and are moderately firm and superior in terms of firmness.


The firm to ultra firm density and configuration helps support the weaker parts of your body and helps maintain or reverse physically injured areas.


B. You can choose from a types of mattress of orthopedic mattresses, and they are suitable for medical and daily use at the same time.


The Bonnell Spring system and a flat, firm surface orthopedic mattress are suitable for athletic fitness and are good for overweight people who want more support.


C. Since orthopedic mattresses are generally stronger in any configuration than home or hospitality mattresses, they provide unmatched support for the entire body.


D. Orthopedic mattresses are easy to find and believe, as different variations accommodate different medical problems.


You can also rely on orthopedic mattresses to last longer, as most mattresses use high-density foam and, in the case of spring mattresses, the spring system is double-tempered, making it stronger and with support function.


Is more suitable for Orthopedic mattresses help with extreme anatomic diagnosis and to deal with disorders such as spondylosis, scoliosis, herniated discs.


A. Orthopedic mattresses are generally best for people with medical problems and not for the general population.


High density leads to a firm surface suitable for medical diagnosis, requiring more support and athletic people who prefer a stronger mattress.


B. Orthopedic mattresses are not the most comfortable (which are luxurious and soft), but they can be made with special requirements and configurations.


They are firm and ultra-firm, so they fit only a few people.


  1. Back Support Mattress:

Backrest types of mattress in India are those that help align the spine on your back or on your side in a sleeping position.

They help remove pressure from the shoulder, spine and pelvic area and help with overall spinal health. Available in a variety of materials and configurations, the rest of the mattresses are essential for the elderly, people with spine problems, and most people with chronic problems.

Apart from this, you can also get a backrest mattress if you want to prevent your back and core.


Benefits of backrest mattresses: Cons of rear support mattress:
A. Materials such as latex foam, HR foam, memory foam, and internal spring mattresses can be used as backrest mattresses.


Their layering and density configuration make them good for supportive mattresses and spinal health.


B. Backrest mattresses are generally medium firm, firm, and superior in terms of hardness and density.


If they exist, they support our back with the help of a reasonable amount of support from both the support layer and the inner spring layer.


C. If you are looking for general support and maintenance of the health of the spine and core muscles, then the best option is an accessory muscle for the back.


D. Other mattresses are available in various configurations and are also suitable as standard mattresses.


There is no problem using a backrest mattress, even if you have no medical problems.


A. Backrest mattresses are medium and better firm, and you should consider this factor before making a purchase.


Also, make sure that you try it on at the store and choose the right type of backrest mattress.


B. These types of mattress are stiffer and designed to align the spine in a sleeping position of one side or back to help the spine with its natural S-shaped curve.


If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, then a supportive mattress for the back can put more.


  1. Pocket Spring Mattress:

Pocket spring mattresses are internal spring mattresses that perform contour support work. These have individually internal spring coils wrapped in a durable fiber ‘pocket’.

Pocket spring mattresses or even bonnel spring mattresses are great for providing support, especially for the elderly and overweight people.

In addition, both types of mattresses share the same level of support for the spring system, depending on the rest of the configuration.

Advantages of a pocket spring mattress: Disadvantages of a pocket spring mattress:
A. Depending on the number of pocket coils, these mattresses can offer an extraordinary level of comfort and support.


The higher the number of coils in a pocket coil mattress, the more it will shape your body and provide good support.


B. Pocket coil spring types of mattress in India are also suitable for orthopedic mattresses, as they can provide a better supporting and absorbing pressure option where it is the largest.


C. If you are concerned about your partner’s impaired movement and have weak parts that require a medical mattress, then spiral mattresses separate the movement well.


You can expect zero speed disturbances, especially in the case of a large number of pocket coils.


A. Inner spring mattresses such as pocket coil mattresses and bonnel coil mattresses are heavier.


They may not be easy to lift on their own, and cleaning and maintenance must be done without much agitation.


B. Pocket coil mattresses can be expensive if they are combined with materials such as latex or memory foam, or in a hybrid mattress.


But this high price is worth it because they last longer than any other type of spring mattress or foam mattress.


  1. Bonnel spring mattress:

Bonnell helical mattresses are a good option for those who need extra or excellent uniform support throughout the body. Due to the hour-sized spring coils, uniform support leads to a firmer and more supportive surface.

Advantages of a Bonnel spring mattress: Cons of a Bonnell Mattress:
A. Bonnel spring type of mattresses are great for use on orthopedic mattresses.


They can satisfy a wide range of needs ranging from medically diagnosed problems, to overweight, elderly, and even athletic if they prefer a stronger mattress.


The level of support and resistance may vary depending on the mattress configuration.


B. With a firm surface, a bonnel spring mattress is excellent for sleeping on your back and can help with sleep disorders and other medical diagnoses.

A. Since Bonnell spiral mattresses are designed for orthopedic use, their firm surface is not for everyone.


They are suitable for athletes and those who need support, but as a person of average body weight with a preference for a firm mattress, it can be much stronger than you.


B. Bonnel coil mattresses are difficult to move because bonnel coils, pocket coils, and other mattresses are heavy.


The best way to clean and maintain these mattresses is by vacuuming and brushing in good sunlight and exposing ventilation through windows.

  1. Polyurethane Foam Mattress:

Polyurethane foam types of mattress in India or polyurethane foam is an inexpensive, lightweight foam alternative that is most widely used in comfort and support layers.

It may have the same texture as memory foam; However, it has a higher reaction rate, which makes it more dynamic.

Additionally, the polyurethane foam mattresses have a larger pore size than the memory foam mattresses, meaning that it improves the temperature.

Advantages of a Polyurethane Foam mattress: Cons of a Polyurethane Foam Mattress:
A. Polyurethane foam is inexpensive, widely available, and is suitable for the Indian climate and the needs of the average household.


Polyurethane foam is also lighter and despite its higher density, provides better temperature regulation than memory foam.


B. Suitable for use as a spare or guest type of mattress as it is easy to store and maintain.


The lightweight property makes it a great choice for use in hybrid ladders in a comfortable layer.


C. It feels comfortable and relieves pressure, but polyurethane foam is suitable for use in layers of support or comfort to provide a better sleeping experience and make the mattress more affordable.


A. If you are looking types of mattress in India for support or have a decent amount of comfort then polyurethane foam is not the right choice.


This can be a great option to keep costs down, but for long term use.

What kind of Mattresses is the best?

The best types of mattress in India  is the one that best suits each person. To do this, there are a series of specific issues – specific to each type of mattress – and in general we should keep in mind and in general the comfort of these products. The most relevant when choosing one or the other mattress are:

Adaptability: With the firmness and softness of the product in question, the adaptability of the mattress has to be topped.

We can find stronger and softer mattresses, this choice is based on our needs, as well as other general aspects that we will see immediately.

Temperature: No one prefers to stay cool or warm when they sleep, however, each person’s body is different, and many times the effect of sleeping covered or not covered, but the contents of the mattress.

Different types of mattresses offer different temperature retention depending on the materials with which they are manufactured, so the best type of mattress depends on each person.

Breathability: Breathability in types of mattress in India has to do with air circulation. In this sense, you should keep in mind that closed-core, such as memory foam, latex or HR foam mattresses, are less breathable, and that classic spring mattresses or pocket spring mattresses are more breathable. This helps prevent sweat and odor build-up.

Anti-allergy and anti-mite: Also known as hypoallergenic mattresses, they provide solutions to people with allergy problems. These mattresses are generally made of natural materials. Now, it is possible to find this property in most modern products.

Independent beds: The question of independent beds is one of the most sought-after specifications by couples who share a mattress and have trouble sleeping.

When there are two independent areas on the same mattress, independent beds prevent movements by the other person sleeping.

Dimensions: Of course, general characteristics are taken into consideration when choosing the most common type of mattress. In this case, they depend on each person.


  1. Which mattress should I get for my parents? They are in their 60s:

Types of mattress is always good to take care of your parents’ health and sleeping environment. Considering the age mentioned, it would be best to opt for a medium firm orthopedic mattress to help sleep on both sides and support their back.

Unless they have a specific diagnosis, you should use our SleepID algorithm or try different mattresses for your parents. In old age, most people 50 and older are less active and more sensitive to body aches and pains.

For such problems, a medium soft mattress or an orthopedic types of mattress in India that helps them sleep on their sides and back is ideal.

Additionally, the mattress and the bed should also be strong enough to allow you to get in and out of the bed without putting undue pressure on your back. Weight, medical issues, and other factors are also reasons to consider, and our luxury or orthopedic mattresses can take care of your parents’ sleep.

  1. Should I go for a memory foam or HR foam mattress for my children?

Children prefer medium soft and medium firm mattresses. Also, it depends on the age of your child, this is the mattress that will be the best.

You can choose a medium soft plush mattress for teens and minors, ideally with a layer of HR foam on the backing and memory foam or a low-density HR foam comfort layer.

This is because the types of mattress in India will better resist their enjoyment and support and comfort them when it is time to go to bed. However, when they are large, it is better to use them if they want a medium soft or medium firm mattress.

  1. I need to find a mattress that helps me sleep soundly despite the tossing and turning of wife/ husband:

In such a case, you should first use our Sleepid to prick those cozy mattresses that provide support and comfort for both of you without compromise.

In addition, you should choose hybrid pocket coil inner spring mattresses to separate them to the side. Even bonded foam is a great option; However, the spring system that remains silent does the best.

  1. I am looking for an orthopedic mattress that helps me take care of my body post a workout injury:

If you lead an active lifestyle and have a temporary or minor injury during exercise with types of mattress in India, you should see your doctor without delay.

Depending on your prescription, you should choose what your doctor prescribes and select our range Bonnel dual-comfort mattress or orthopedic spring mattress such as Chiropedic 5000 and Chiropedic 10000.

It depends on your doctor’s prescription, and you should aim for long-term maintenance of the injured area.

  1. Do memory foam mattresses last a short time?

Memory foam mattresses have a feature that most brands lose their shape quickly and especially in 2 to 3 years.

However, on King Coil, we use exceptionally dense materials in our memory foam mattresses, so that they remain as new as they are without losing their shape. Level 90D + helps make memory foam thicker, softer and more durable, plus other benefits.

However, if you want a similar experience, you can opt for an HR foam mattress that will hold its shape despite the pressure on it.

Again, this depends on the level of density and the material used, but HR foam mattresses will not relax or lose their strength.


It is advised that if you sleep alone or with someone, it should be kept in mind: There are mattresses that guarantee more freedom when performing movements without affecting the rest of the person next to you.

The price range of types of mattress in India between materials and features is very large, so it is worth considering how you will use the mattress. It is not necessary to make such significant investment for a second residence, or for a guest room.

Finally, you have to pay attention to the buyer’s body temperature and even the climate of the place where the mattress is to be used because there are more or less breathable materials that control the temperature in different ways. Huh.

I hope you liked this information and it would be useful if you have any questions that you can do by commenting.


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