Best mattress for baby & kids in India 2022

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Best mattress for baby & kids in India

Mattress for Baby and kids | Check on Amazon | March 2022

The birth of a child is the most beautiful event for every parent. Every parent wishes to buy the best item for the child.

According to research on infants, an observation has been made that they sleep 16–17 hours per day. Parents need to be very particular about purchasing the right crib mattress for the child.

Nothing matches the sound of a child with sleep. It is said that a day without a nap for a child is like a cupcake without frost.

‘Sometimes a child may wake up from sleep during the night due to the wrong mattress type and remain insane all day.

best mattress for baby & kids in India are designed in such a way that the baby can sleep comfortably for long periods of time. The mattresses support the baby’s growing bones and keep them safe at bedtime.

Therefore, it is extremely important to buy the right mattress for the crib.

Some specifications must be kept in mind when purchasing a baby mattress such as thickness, firmness, and the material used. There are many brands available in India and anyone can easily buy them online.

Baby care Foam kid’s Mattress Baby care Foam kid’s Mattress
Eclipse International Baby care Foam
  • Size 120x60x10
  • Construction Type Foam Construction
  • Item Weight 4 kg
Check On Amazon
Beddy Nest Crib Natural Baby Beddy Nest Crib Natural Baby
Centuary Mattresses Beddy Nest Crib
  • Size 140x70x10cm
  • Item Weight 6.9 kg
  • Color White
Check On Amazon
Latex Baby Mattress Latex Baby Mattress
SleepyCat Organic Latex Baby Mattress
  • Size 48x24x4inch
  • Item Weight 10.16 kg
  • Color Black
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In the below has the best mattress for baby & kids in India.

Best baby mattress in India

1. Eclipse International Baby care Foam kid’s Mattress


Size 120x60x10
Brand Eclipse International
Construction Type Foam Construction
Item Weight 4 kg
Color Beige

About this Item:
  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 120 cm x 60 cm x 10 cm; Primary material: high-resilience foam and ant-microbial fabric
  • Color: Multi colors; Size: Standard; Assembly Type: No assembly required; Weight: 4 kg; Shape: rectangular; Comfort: Soft; Thickness: 4 inches; Style Name: Asian; Pattern Name: Floral; Maximum weight holding capacity: 25 kg; Product Fragile: No
  • Package Content: 1 mattress, warranty card
  • Give your mattress a little time to ‘air’ after removing it from its attached packaging, ii) Rotate the mattress by changing the position of the head and tail. Even change sides every 3 months to increase usage and avoid permanent body impression.
  • This best mattress for baby & kids in India comes with the Warranty: 24 months warranty on-site service.
  • Comes with the Resilience foam
  • Anti Microbial fabric
  • Comfortable
  • It is ideal for the kids

  • Not found any

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2. Centuary Mattresses Beddy Nest Crib Natural Baby


Size 140x70x10cm
Brand Centuary mattresses
Construction Type Latex Foam
Item Weight 6.9 kg
Color White

About this Item:
  • FIRM-Beddy’s Nest is firm, providing the right support for your child’s spine, bone, and muscle development.
  • Certified Baby Safe Material – made from natural rubberized coir and latex foam that is certified to be “free of harmful chemicals” and safe by Ocko-Tex, a leading German laboratory.
  • Made of temperature regulating and non allergenic – natural and breathable core material covered with bedded nest and skin-friendly cotton. The best mattress for baby & kids in India is not too hot or cold and the presence of germs is avoided.
  • Free Waterproofing – Badi Nest comes with a free waterproof, washable zipped cover, ensuring spillage and 100% hygiene.
  • Safe and Trustworthy – Home of Centenary Mattresses, Beddies products ensure high quality and ingenuity with 30+ years of experience in the mattress industry.
  • Firm and safe
  • Baby safe-Certified materials
  • Hypoallergenic, Breathable and skin friendly
  • Natural breathable and Hygienic
  • Comfortable
  • Value for money

  • Only one color available

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Baby mattress online in India

3. SleepyCat Organic Latex Baby Mattress


Size 48x24x4inch
Brand Sleepycat
Construction Type Latex Foam
Item Weight 10.16 kg
Color Black

About this Item:
  • Dimension of mattress: 48 in. (Lenght) x 24 in. (Width) x 4 in. (Height). to nurse
  • Material: 4 inch high density backing foam, cover: waterproof terry cotton blend fabric
  • Comfort: Feels comfort Constitution: High density foam, internal breezy fabric for airflow between mattresses
  • Product Features: HD foam provides ideal support for growing children and their bones. The cover is waterproof and can be unzipped for easy rinsing.
  • This best mattress for baby & kids in India made of non-toxic materials, this mattress is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic in nature.
  • Added Features: Mattress delivered in a box, this means there is no heavy delivery. Shipped directly from factory.
  • 10 year warranty on the product Note: The product comes vacuum packed for maximum hygiene. Stored in accumulated storage. Safely delivered.
  • Ideal comfort and support
  • Waterproof terry cotton fabric
  • Anti microbial and anti allergenic
  • Washable zipper cover
  • Comfortable
  • Value for money

  • Not found any

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Difference of A Baby And A Regular Mattress

The regular best mattress for baby & kids in India is based on the adult body type while the baby’s mattress is based on the sleeping pattern of the infant. Babies need less sleep, so the mattress is soft and comfortable.

Mattresses can be made of many different types of materials, such as foam, coir or latex.

Choosing the right mattress

Now it becomes a difficult task for parents to choose the best crib mattress from different types of mattresses made of a different material.

The emphasis should be on the proper size so that it fits the crib properly, it should neither be soft nor too hard but firm to support the growing child.

A very soft mattress carries the risk of suffocation for the baby while a rigid mattress is not suitable for the baby’s development.

Babies should not be made to sleep on best mattress for baby & kids in India containing synthetic chemicals as exposure to certain chemicals can be harmful to their brain and physical development.

The essential basic features are:



Adequate air circulation to keep baby cool while sleeping for mold and dust mites

Mattress with natural origin with any chemicals

Hypoallergenicity (Skin-friendly healthy mattress)

We can compare best mattress for baby & kids in India made of foam, coir, and latex and find out which of the three is the best, taking into account the above characteristics.

Foam Mattresses – Most of the foam mattresses are made of memory foam or PU foam and are not safe for the baby.

Because foam has a closed-cell structure that does not provide enough air circulation to keep the child cool. This disturbs a child’s sleeping pattern and thus hinders their brain development.

It may also contain toxic chemicals such as naphthalene, formaldehyde and benzene which may be harmful to the child. It can also cause sedan infant death syndrome.

Coir mattress – Coir is a natural and flexible material. Made from coco coir, it is a tough mattress that maintains its shape.

It is moisture resistant and breathable. It keeps dust mites at bay. However, it is not very durable and has a sagging issue. If it gets wet, it becomes a major problem. This material is not very suitable for a crib mattress.

Latex Mattress –  A great all-natural alternative to a best mattress for best mattress for baby & kids in India for your child. It has no added chemicals as it is naturally resistant to mold and dust mite.

Latex is naturally springy, comfortable and flexible, so there is no need for metal springs. Baby’s mattresses can increase electromagnetic radiation, which can pose a risk to your baby because the baby will be sleeping in the area of ​​electromagnetic radiation.

There is no metal in latex, so there is no additional danger to the health of the child. It is an exceptionally durable mattress, which provides proper support to the spine and joints of the growing child.

Such mattresses carry adequate air circulation as these mattresses have pinholes from time to time, due to which the child can get a calm and restful sleep.

The market has an array of latex best mattress for baby & kids in India of various brands. Many mattress morning owl latex crib mattresses’ must be your only choice for a baby mattress due to the amazing features displayed by this mattress.

The Morning Owl understands that the requirements of a growing child / child’s body are different from those of adults, therefore, they need special attention.

Morning Owl Crib Mattresses are made with high quality, breathable and 100% natural latex to provide a safe and clean mattress for your baby- which supports them better.

The Morning Owl Crib best mattress for baby & kids in India is all about comfort, care and coolness. It is a certified 100% natural latex mattress and comes with waterproof cotton zipper fabric.

What features make this mattress better than others:

Crib mattresses with optimal firmness – infants and children need a medium-firm surface for sleeping – neither too soft nor too stiff.

The Morning Owl mattress is designed to provide optimal support to your child to support his or her growth and development.

Waterproof and Hygenic – For children up to 3 years old, having a waterproof cover is important for the purpose of hygiene. Their top cover prevents mattresses from spreading, keeping them clean for a longer period

Breathable and durable – Morning owl mattresses are made from breathable material – which prevents the disclosure of pests. In addition, it comes with a waterproof solution to increase cleanliness.

Resistance to Mold and Dust Mites – Some best mattress for baby & kids in India are actually resistant to mold and dust mites. As heat and humidity can easily encourage mold growth.

When selecting a good crib mattress, mold resistance should be a complete one.

Customization – Mattresses can be customized to any size to be part of your baby’s cot, cot or bed.

So if you are seeking a certified mattress for your child’s healthy sleep as well as his or her healthy sleep, then it is time to change your mattress and switch to Morning Owl Cree.

How to choose a mattress size for children

Choosing the right size of mattress before purchasing a new best mattress for baby & kids in India, there are many sizes and it depends on your child’s age, size and how long your child’s mattress is used. You have great options for choosing the size of your child’s mattress – Twin, Twin XL, and Full.

Twin: 38 “x 75”

Twin XL: 38 “x 80”

Full: 54 “x 75”

Full size mattress

The full size of the best mattress for baby & kids in India requires large space in the room and because the size of this mattress is wider than the twin XL size.

This is a great option for children who want a max long size mattress as well as a larger mattress that provides the best comfort and support.

Maybe space is a problem for some people because this mattress comes with a total width of 15 inches and is great for any child’s needs.

Twin size mattress

Twin best mattress for baby & kids in India size is the most popular and most people prefer to buy this twin size mattress for children.

Twin size mattresses are a great option for younger children, lighter kids, and especially middle school children. And also good for cramped places and bunk beds. Overall the twin size is the best option for children to buy a new mattress.

The size of the twin mattress is 39 x 75 inches.

Twin XL shaped mattress

The Twin XL is not the most popular, but still a great choice. There is only one difference in the height of this mattress.

Because Twin XL is longer and is a great option for taller children. When you compare twins, twin XL is a better investment for the long years. Twin XL size is the best choice for older children or taller children.

Twin XL mattress size is 39 x 80 inches.

Buying the Best Mattress Guide for Kids

In this section, we will give you all the keys so that you know how to choose the best mattress for baby & kids in India.

When choosing a best mattress for baby & kids in India you do not have to keep in mind the same rules as adults, as they have come of age and have some special requirements.

Characteristics of the best children’s mattress

The best mattress for children should meet these five characteristics to ensure optimal comfort for the child.

Medium-high hardness.

Breathe to avoid heat and moisture build up.

Sufficient thickness to withstand the passage of time (this will depend on the weight and age of the child).

Adaptability and Flexibility.

Hygenic and hypoallergenic products: antibacterial, anti-mite…

It is necessary to do a lot of stretching at a moderate pace because your back is in the process of growth and it needs to be done while staying straight in a healthy way.

In addition, it should not be very conducive to the child’s body — to avoid excessive persistence, he must feel that he is sleeping on the floor.

The best mattress for baby & kids in India should also be very breathable as small people sweat a lot while sleeping and there is no accumulation of heat and humidity.

Finally, a good mattress that passes the time as well as all children’s games should be between 8 cm and 25 cm, depending on weight and age.

Types of children’s mattress (material)

The materials they use to make and prepare mattresses for children are normally for adults only. Let us see what is in them, and see in more detail.

Memory foam mattress

In general, viscoelastic material is found on one or both sides (the outermost layer of the mattress).

Memory foam is very flexible and is very good for the best mattress for baby & kids in India. You should know that on many occasions when someone refers to a memory foam best mattress for baby & kids in India, they actually refer to a mattress with a foam core and memory foam.

Spring mattress

Within the spring mattress we can find three types of mattresses:

Pocket springs

Continuous thread springs

Biennial or Bonnel Springs

Depending on the type of spring the mattress carries, it will have some benefits or others. The pocket spring mattress stands out to be very friendly to the body and provide great freedom of beds.

Duroflex mattress material

The continuous thread spring best mattress for baby & kids in India is formed by a single spring and distributes the weight in a homogeneous manner, quite firm and with worse freedom of the beds.

Binary springs are the most traditional and lowest quality type of spring. Therefore, it is usually the cheapest type of dock.

Foam mattress

Foam best mattress for baby & kids in India are made up of a polyurethane foam at its core which can be of various qualities and characteristics. In addition, they are mattress that are commonly sold vacuum rolls and take shape after opening at home.

These types of mattresses usually have a layer of memory foam or latex on their outer faces to make them more adaptable to the body, because by themselves they do not provide much comfort.

Latex mattress

In general, latex best mattress for baby & kids in India are of very good quality and are characterized by being adaptable, elastic, and eliminating pressure points.

Best latex mattress in India

The more natural latex the mattress is, the less warm it will be and of better quality. The worst thing about latex is that they are mattresses that weigh significantly more than other materials and have a higher price.


All 3 best mattress for baby & kids in India. Different mattresses have different main points. Now you have to see which mattress is right for  your family according to your comfort and budget.

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