[Top 5]Best Mattress Under 5000 in India 2022

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Best Mattress Under 5000 in India

 Best mattress in India | Check on Amazon | March 2022

Looking for the best mattress under 5000 in India. Therefore, you should choose the best mattress to sleep comfortably. We will bring you the best mattress on the budget and the best features.

Mattress is very important in our daily life. Many people cannot afford expensive mattresses. This is good news for those looking for the best mattress priced below 5,000.

We have reviewed five great mattresses to buy for under INR 5,000 and will provide you with a list of the best mattresses to buy online that will be perfect for you.

Best budget mattress Best budget mattress
Bosto Classic 8 inch Mattress
  • :Warranty 5 year Item weight 22 kg
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Best mattress under 10000 Best mattress under 10000
Comforto Duplex 5 inch
  • :Warranty 11 year Item weight 16 kg
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Best mattress under 10000 Best mattress under 10000
Wake up foam double
  • :Warranty 5 year Item weight 8.96 kg
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Best mattress Best mattress
Springtek Dual Comfort single
  • :Warranty 4 year Item weight 14 kg
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Solimo mattress Solimo mattress
Amazon Brand Solimo mattress
  • :Item weight 2.74 kg Dimensions 47.1×25.1×24.7 cm
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In the below has the best mattress under 5000 in India

1. Bosto Classic 8 inch best budget mattress in India


Size Single
Brand Boston
Construction Type Innerspring
Item Firmness Medium
Item weight 22 kg
Color Off white and Beige
Warranty 5 year
Dimensions 190.5×91.44×20.32 cm
About this Item:

Boston offers convenience and fits your budget. The product can be customized according to customer requirements. The best mattress under 5000 in India comfort level is moderately firm and comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and can be used on both sides.

It is made of premium edge wire technology that supports the body and is aligned by size, providing spring rebound and reducing pain. The product is covered with a quilted fabric which gives it a cushion effect and adequate air flow.

The model’s layers are fabric top cover, air ventilation foam that provides adequate air circulation and keeps the felt pads hygienic and resistant which supports the body and relaxes your body, PP mesh layered padding, hard steel Helps support coil sag, reduce sag and transfer of momentum.

  • Comes with the 5 year warranty
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Value for money
  • Best spring mattress with less price

  • It becomes too soft after usage of long period of time

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2. Comforto Duplex 5 inch best mattress under 10000


Size Single
Brand Comforto
Construction Type Foam Construction
Item Firmness Medium
Item weight 16 kg
Color White
Warranty 11 year
Dimensions 182.88×91.44×12.7 cm
About this Item:

Comforto provides full support to the body and hence provides deep sleep. It can be used on both medium soft and medium firm sides, depending on the weather conditions and weight can be used.

The soft side is suitable for summer and can be used for heavy weight people, the firm side can be used for winter and light ones.

This best mattress under 5000 in India comes with a 2 + 9 year warranty and 100 night trial. Can be used as orthopedic problems, reducing sagging and sagging of products.

The plush layer keeps you soft and padded. This model reduces body pressure and maintains temperature, keeping it cool and fresh.

  • It is provide you dual medium soft and other side is firm
  • It is comes with the smooth and soft feel.
  • Durable
  • Value for money

  • Not found any

3. Wake up foam double best mattress under 10000


Size Double
Brand Wake-up
Construction Type Foam Construction
Item Firmness Plush
Item weight 8.96 kg
Color Blue
Warranty 5 year
Dimensions 182.88×121.92×10.16 cm
About this Item:

The wakeup best mattress under 5000 in India is made of high-density foam, which keeps the weight evenly distributed, supports your spine and shoulders and memory shaping the model according to the body, maintains the curve of the spine, and pressure.

Reduces dots, the top layer is a covering of a product made of cotton fabric that provides comfort and air circulation.

The base layer is a non-slip base that holds it in position. This model comes with a 5-year warranty. Memory foam controls the body and maintains the curve by reducing pressure and pain.

The features of this product make you feel lighter, reduce back pain and provide adequate air circulation and provide comfort to the body and make your sleep comfortable and deep. The thickness of the product is 5 inches, the high density is 3 inches, and the memory is 2 inches.

  • It is good quality and less price
  • Comfortable

  • Easy to clean

  • Customer service is best

  • It is little hard

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4. Springtek Dual Comfort single best mattress in India


Size Single
Brand Springtek
Construction Type Foam Construction
Item Firmness Medium
Item weight 14 kg
Color White
Warranty 4 year
Dimensions 182.9×91.4×10.2 cm
About this Item:

It is made of high density foam. The product’s comfort level is moderately firm, it can be used as both a rigid or soft comfort model. The hard side keeps it firm and is suitable for the winter season, the soft side is suitable for the summer season.

The best mattress under 5000 in India comes with a 5-year warranty and the model thickness is 5 inches. It is made of polyurethane foam that forms the support layer and aids the body to make you comfortable in bed, high density that prevents sagging, sagging and helps the partner reduce movement and zero discomfort.

This model helps provide distributed air circulation, reduces pressure points, and helps prevent dust and microorganisms.

  • It is softer and firmer comforts
  • Zoned foam support
  • Comfortable
  • Value for money

  • Customer services is average

5. Amazon Brand Solimo mattress online

About this Item:
Size Double
Brand Amazon Solimo
Item Firmness Medium
Item weight 2.74 kg
Color Aqua blue and Olive Green
Dimensions 47.1x25.1x24.7 cm

About this Item:

This best mattress under 5000 in India  is a mild, reversible comfortable. Protects from allergies and dust. It is made of 100% microfiber and filled with 200 gsm silicon polyester, it keeps you warm and makes you feel lighter.

It remains warm during the winter and microfiber helps provide air circulation and blood circulation. This model can be used two-sided, which depends on comfort. The top layer is made of pure cotton which provides air circulation and is washable.

They provide comfort and size is king size. Duvet keeps you warm in winter and in air conditioning. It is made from the Amazon brand. It can be used as a comforter, supports your back and keeps you relaxed and in deep sleep.

  • It is lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Value for money
  • Easy to carry

  • If you keep heavy stuff on top of this while storing it will start to loose shape

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Types of mattresses available

Coir mattress

  • So they are good for the spine / back.
  • Made of natural materials provides a long life.
  • Can be customized according to your needs, which means more layers can be added.

Spring mattress

  • They are made of coils that have springs that provide rebounds.
  • The coils can break, so they have a short lifetime.
  • Easy on pocket but can cause body ache.
  • It is necessary to periodically turn the mattress.

Foam mattress

  • They can adjust themselves according to your body shape.
  • However, if the foam is of poor quality, it may have pungent odor.
  • There is no air circulation, so they can maintain body heat and cause sweating.
  • Long lifespan of up to 20 years.

Latex mattress

  • They are made of more natural materials than coconut mattresses.
  • Soft and more durable.
  • They do not sing like memory foam and they do not bounce like spring mattresses.
  • The excellent airflow property is ideal for hot and humid climates. Heavy in pocket with medium lifespan.

Now these above mentioned mattresses have been improved. These mattresses are improved by combining two mattresses to provide more comfort and therefore more options.

Features of best mattresses

This is a GK (General Knowledge) section.

The hypoallergenic foam top mattress or antiallergic mattress is a mattress that prevents dust mites from penetrating the surface and settling inside. It helps protect people from allergies and people from dust disease.

Memory foam tops, also known as foam top mattresses, have an extra layer or sometimes an underlying layer of foam on top of your regular best mattress under 5000 in India.

There are two separate layers on top of the reversible mattress and under the mattress, which can be firm or soft (hard or soft) so that you can use them in any way.

The reinforced edge mattress has double stitches in the corner of the mattress to prevent rapid wear and tear.

The pillow top mattress comes with an extra layer towards the top which gives it a pillow feel.

Mattress maintenance

Flip your mattress from time to time, I recommend once every 3 months.

If you have a vacuum cleaner, use baking soda to remove the odor or body odor, vacuum the bench soda after spraying it, making sure it reaches the fabric.

Use baking soda for urin stains as well.

Whenever you spill something like tea or coffee, quickly clean the mattress with normal water and use powdered detergent to clean the mattress.

Always use a mattress cover, always shop when buying your mattress so that you don't regret it later.

Parameters to consider when choosing the best mattress


The most important parameter for each buyer is to feel safe and to build trust with the seller. Claiming a warranty is not an easy task, but with competition and prestige, sellers do not hesitate these days to replace you.

Trial offer available

Because the major manufacturers offer a trial period of up to 100 nights and customers receive a refund if the mattress is returned within a specified time period.

Price range

Best mattress under 5000 in India prices are in ascending / ascending order and our recommendation for each type is included.

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Improve mattress size

Memory foam mattress

The same features as foam mattresses, except that they are not relaxed and fit your body shape.

Foam mattress Rebonded

It is an alternative to coir and has a strong structure. It easily supports heavy loads, meaning it is good for a person over 80 kg.

Sagging lasts long without problems and is mainly used in medium firm / orthopedic / spine care mattresses.

Rubber Coir Fiber Mattress

It is latex coir (rubber), which is much stronger than a memory foam or latex memory foam mattress.

Orthopedic mattress

They are made using a combination of available mattresses.

They can be extra firm to help people with back pain and pregnant women.

Sizes of Mattress

This is officially the third stage, the mattress size available in India is different from that available in other countries. So, read the buying guide made for the Indian market so that you are not confused with options like Twin, Full King, California King etc.

Single Size

The standard size is (72L x 36W) inches, which is ideal for an adult and a child.

Double size

78L x 48W inch Ideal for heavy adults. Usually we do not buy double size mattresses in India and we buy two single size mattresses for double beds, but options are available.

Queen size

78L x 60W inches is ideal with a couple and young children.

King Size

78L x 72W inch Ideal I think everyone needs more space, definitely me too.

Thickness / Comfort

Still the fourth step goes with you and here, thicknesses range from 4 to 16 inches, with 16 inch best mattress under 5000 in India being expensive, so they are not recommended unless you have a hotel or something like that.

Comfort ranges from extra soft to extra firm with soft and medium firm.

Persistence does not affect the life of the mattress nor does it have any health benefits, these things are just marketing concepts, such as sleep patterns.

Also, I will never buy a mattress based on my sleeping pattern because I don’t know how I sleep and I don’t want to know.


We have recommended the Duplex Comfort Mattress and it gives you great quality with next generation memory shape at an affordable price and this is the best mattress under 5000 in India . And awfit is the best selling product in India.

I hope you liked our article and found useful information. If you still have any questions / queries. You can comment us

Thank you for reading this article!

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