[Top 5] Best mattress for sleeping in India 2022

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Best mattress for sleeping in India

Mattress for sleeping | March 2022 | Check on Amazon

Looking for the sleeping mattress? If you are a demanding person who believes that getting a good sleep is the most important thing and you are looking for the best sleeping mattress on the market, then you are in the right place.

Because in this article we will show you the best mattresses to sleep in so that you can get what you need. And now there is no need to search hundreds of websites.

Now, when choosing the best mattress for sleeping in India, there are some special aspects to pay attention to, as we all do not have the same needs and have a taste even while sleeping, so help you choose those features which are best suited for you.

An old, worn-out mattress clearly does sleepless nights, right?

Not only can a poor quality mattress affect your restful sleep, but it also affects your overall health and happiness.

The best mattress provides you with a restful sleep with full body support and you can enjoy a peaceful sleep. There are many benefits to buying the best mattress.

Flo Ergo Memory Flo Ergo Memory
Flo Ergo Memory foam mattress
  • Warranty 10 year
  • Item weight 13.99 kg
Check On Amazon
Mattress for back pain Mattress for back pain
Sunday Latex best mattress
  • Warranty 10 year
  • Item weight 0 kg
Check On Amazon
Memory foam mattress Memory foam mattress
Livpure Regal 8 Memory foam mattress
  • Size Single
  • Item weight 16.53 kg
Check On Amazon
Mattress for sleeping Mattress for sleeping
Emma Essential best mattress
  • Warranty 20 year
  • Item weight 30 kg
Check On Amazon
Hard and soft Queen Bed Hard and soft Queen Bed
Wakefit mattress hard and soft
  • Warranty 7 year
  • Item weight 12 kg
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1. Flo Ergo Memory foam mattress India


Size Single
Brand FLO
Construction Type Foam Construction
Item weight 13.99 kg
Color White
Warranty 10 year
Dimension 78x36x8
Airflow 3D Airflow
About this Item:

Flo is the first mattress supplier to offer soft ergonomic support for your body. It is the best sleeping mattress in India for a good night’s sleep. The flo mattress has foam responsible for changing the size of the mattress according to your body.

Flow mattress is also the best mattress to get a layer of soft, supportive foam for joints. So when you do you don’t get up. This mattress is good for maintaining all weather conditions and releases your body heat through our 3D airflow fabric.

And the quality and durability of the mattress are excellent over the long term with the same level of comfort. The Flo Mattress also brings you the Free 100 Nights Trail along with the best sleeping mattresses in India.

  • It is comes with the used 3D airflow
  • Free 100 Nights trail with this mattress
  • It is value for money
  • Durable
  • Zipped cover

  • It is comes with the white color who is quickly become dirty

2. Sunday Latex best mattress for back pain in India


Brand Sunday
Construction Type Foam Construction
Item weight 20 kg
Color Ivory
Warranty 10 year
Dimension 76x72x8 inch
Airflow 3D Airflow
Item Thickness 8 Inch
About this Item:

A thicker mattress goes a long way to eliminate muscle and joint pain. Since this mattress is not very thick, it will also be easy to clean. Therefore, life improves in more ways than one.

Sunday best mattress for sleeping in India is made of premium quality latex from Belgium, with no filler. Latex undergoes a 60000 cycle test and has an OCO-TEX certificate that guarantees the absence of harmful chemicals. Therefore, you can enjoy the luxury of latex without side effects. Even the zipper cover is 100 organic cotton.

Not to mention, in addition to the relatively low but comfortable thickness, the off-white color also makes maintenance easier.

Moving forward, let us talk about what it feels like to lie down. The mattress has some plush, but limited sink. The mattress has a design that takes into account the isolation of movement. No one who wanders here and there on the bed at bedtime will disturb your own sleep.

In addition, some other best mattress for sleeping in India come in narrower forms. This requires about 50 tons of force, which ultimately weakens the durability of the mattress. Therefore, for a more longevity, Sunday gives the mattress all its unimpressed pride.

Of course, the goods do not end there. The company cares about your opinion and will ensure that the mattress is satisfactory;

They even do a 100-day trial. This means that they give so much confidence in the quality of your product to give you such a long time. If you are looking for a premium, healthy mattress, then go for Sunday.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Comes with the prevents unnecessary pain
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Value for money
  • Comes with the best quality
  • Easy to clean

  • Slightly overpriced in comparison

3. Livpure Regal 8 Memory foam mattress India


Size Single
Brand Livpure Smart
Construction Type Foam Construction
Item weight 16.53 kg
Color White
Dimension 183x91x20 cm
Airflow 3D Airflow
Item Thickness 8 Inch
About this Item:

This regal cushion shaped mattress is meant to give you a luxurious sleeping experience. For starters, it is sure to make a great first impression as it is packed neatly in a vacuum seal box.

Furthermore, good perception also does not end there. You will see the difference as soon as you go to bed.

Once you do, you’ll quickly find yourself melting into bed; The layers of the bed will ensure that your back and spine fit properly, without straining them.

The best mattress for sleeping in India can fit well on any bed, with a textured finish that holds the bed firmly in place to prevent the mattress from moving.

There are also several thickness options to ensure everything fits. On top of that, you will have no problem sleeping with anyone else.

This is because the mattress comes with responsive memory foam, which gives you perfect sleep without any discomfort, even on the go.

Another impressive thing about this mattress is that it copes well with hot weather. The outer cover of Cooltex comes with wick technology which reduces the surface temperature by 1 ° by spreading moisture over a large area.

In addition, cool-gel is also added to memory foam. Therefore, you will always find that the bed is at a comfortable temperature.

This is important, because when you feel very hot you will be tired and have to lay in bed again and again. The more comfort it provides on summer days, the more easily it becomes one of the best mattresses.

  • It is comes with the Cover is removable
  • Ideal for warm weather
  • Excellent durability along with a long warranty
  • Value for money

  • Little possibility that edges might go odd over time

4. Emma Essential best mattress for sleeping in India


Size King
Brand Emma
Construction Type Foam Construction
Item weight 30 kg
Color Grey
Dimension 72x72x8
Airflow 3D Airflow
Item Thickness 8 Inch
Warranty 20 year
About this Item:

The Emma best mattress for sleeping in India offers perfect body alignment and support thanks to its patented HRX foam and memory foam layers, so it helps to provide a variety of body exercises and pain relief.

Its proprietary “airgocell” open cell technology provides perfect temperature control and breathability, making it the only memory foam mattress that can withstand the scorching heat of Indian summer.

Emma Originals is made from 100% vegan, organic and non-harmful materials, making it the most environmentally friendly memory foam mattress you can buy today in India.

Your amazing ability to refuse movement transfers means that your sleep can never be interrupted by the movements of the person sleeping next to you.

It is the best mattress in India that comes with a truly innovative and industry leading 20 year warranty.

  • Though a double bed mattress, it is easily portable
  • It is excellent mattress
  • It is providing relief from back pain
  • Value for money
  • Easy to clean

  • In this mattress has not 100 night trial offer available

5. Wakefit mattress hard and soft Queen Bed


Size Queen
Brand Wakefit
Construction Type Foam Construction
Item weight 12 kg
Color White
Dimension 78x60x5 inch
Airflow 3D Airflow
Item Thickness 5 inch
Warranty 7 year
About this Item:

This best mattress for sleeping in India has three layers with a breathable fabric on top. This layer allows air to flow freely to improve the quality of your sleep. The soft foam layer under the breathable fabric is designed to provide a soft cloudy feel.

The softness of the foam layer, along with the breathable fabric on top, makes it one of the best mattresses to sleep in during the summer months.

The underslide is made of high ductility foam which also serves as a medium firm support base. The reversible nature of the mattress allows people to flip the medium firm surface during the winter months.

The foam layer helps trap heat to provide the necessary heat to the mesh body.

Depending on your choice, one can change the sides of the mattress at will. This mattress is equipped with a non-removable fixed cover. Therefore, it  best mattress for sleeping in India cannot be removed for washing, but it prevents liquids and other food from seeping into the foam mattress.

  • Wakefit provide best customer services on offer
  • It is Excellent for back pain
  • Value for money
  • It is affordable
  • Easy to clean

  •  It is comes with Non- removable cover




best mattress for sleeping in india

If you are the only person in the house, you can choose the mattress that suits your sleeping style. However, it is not the same for couples. Your partner’s interests are also important for making the right decision.

Movement transfer is a major problem between most couples. When one partner changes position during the night, the transfer of movement also affects the other partner.

Therefore, you should opt for mattresses that dissolve the movement along their surface, thus ending the transfer of movement. Not possible on spring mattresses.

Memory foam or latex mattresses are ideal mattresses for couples. Ensure that the mattress provides maximum support as one of the partners may also be heavier.

Couples generally prefer inflatable mattresses because it improves their intimacy. The beds should be able to support two bodies located at the same location.

The size of the best mattress for sleeping in India is an important factor. Choosing a king-size mattress is appropriate, as it provides plenty of room to roll. If you have a small room, you can opt for a queen size mattress.

Baby Mattress

best mattress for sleeping in india

Children, unlike adults, are constantly growing. Therefore, you should have a separate cushion for them. The wrong type of mattress can make the next day miserable for us. The same logic applies to children. Their body shape also changes regularly.

The most common mattress padding is polyurethane foam (PUF). PUF is a petroleum product. They add chemical additives before preparing the filling.

This froth breaks down into small particles over time. When released into the atmosphere, they can cause shortness of breath, cough, headache, and other respiratory problems.

Avoid using memory foam mattresses, standard beanbags or reinforced foam mattresses for children. The best option is the latex mattress. These mattresses contain natural chemicals and are therefore harmless.

The size of the baby mattress is required. Mattresses last six to seven years. A child can grow up in seven years.

Spring mattresses are good, but children can start bouncing on them, increasing the likelihood that the spring will tear off the cover and cause unnecessary injury.

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Mattress for heavy people

best mattress for sleeping in india

Heavy people are those who weigh more than 75 kg. These people should go for thick pillows. Typically, people choose a mattress between 8 and 10 inches as the optimum thickness.

If you are a heavy person, then you should choose a mattress that is 10 to 12 inches thick. This is because heavier people create more pressure than lighter ones.

Opt for a mattress that has firmness above medium level. Heavy people may experience a pronounced drowning. Therefore, they should not go for incredibly soft people.

Make sure the mattress has extra edge support. When a heavy person rolls over the bed, the sides should not sag or sag.

Overweight people emit more body heat. Therefore, the mattress must be breathable. Foam mattresses store more heat than spring mattresses because foam mattresses do not have enough air circulation.

Go for stability when you are a huge person at home. Latex mattress is the best mattress for heavy people in India.

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Back pain

It does not matter whether you are a stay-at-home mother, student, or CEO of a multinational company. A bad best mattress for sleeping in India can ruin your day. Having back pain is one of the most annoying things in life.

Sleeping on the wrong type of mattress can cause backache and other discomforts such as shoulder pain and neck pain. These are the signs that will help you decide if your mattress needs replacement or not.

Mattress firmness

Sleeping on uneven surfaces can cause constant pain. Any mattress will relax and lose its shape for a period. Sagging can reduce your spine support and cause severe back pain.

Fatigue on wake up

In general, seven to eight hours of sleep should ensure that you wake up in the morning to freshen up. However, if you wake up tired, then it’s time for you to change your mattress.

Having difficulty sleeping

If you wake up in the middle of the night and find it difficult to get back to sleep immediately, your mattress may be one of the reasons. A sagging mattress can cause you so much anxiety.


The best mattress for sleeping in India should be sufficient to support your lower back. At the same time, it should be soft enough to fit the contours of the body. Therefore, you must have the right combination.

  • If you sleep on your stomach or back, you will need a strong mattress.
  • On the other hand, a side sleeper should opt for a soft mattress.
  • Foam, memory foam and latex mattress should prove to be India’s best orthopedic mattress for back pain.


When you venture to purchase a mattress, you will come up with several terms to describe the characteristics of the mattress. Let’s dedicate this section of the buyer’s guide to make things easier for you.

Reversible mattress

As the name suggests, you can use these mattresses both ways. You usually find that one side is harder than the other.

Therefore, both firm and soft types of best mattress for sleeping in India are best for you. If you have a specific use for this type of mattress, it becomes an essential purchase.

Reinforced edge

First wear spots are on the side of the mattress. Therefore, today’s mattresses come with reinforced corners. There are double stitches and additional padding on the edges to ensure that there are no lags on the edges.

Padded top mattress

Do not confuse this with the built-in pillow. The best mattress for sleeping in India has an extra layer of padding to give it a cushiony feel.

The advantage of such a mattress is that you only need one pillow while sleeping on your side. However, it is a standard mattress with additional cushioning. So it should not cost you much.

Hypoallergenic mattress

Dust allergy is common in mattresses. A mattress can contain millions of dust particles. They can cause various types of allergies.

The surface of hypoallergenic mattress is such that it does not allow accumulation of dust mites. Therefore, these mattresses are suitable for patients with asthma.

How is a mattress cleaned or maintained?

It is a great feeling to have a great looking best mattress for sleeping in India. However, you should do your best to clean up dirt and dust mites. Dust mites, molds, stains and allergies can be dangerous for both asthma patients and children.

Therefore, it is necessary to clean the mattress regularly.

Know what is in your mattress

We have heard about the presence of dust mites, dirt and mold on your mattress. Apart from these pollutants, you have sweat, grime, oil, blood, deodorant and even pollen. Many people allow animals in their beds to sleep with them. In such circumstances, you also have to wander the animal.

How do you clean up clutter?

Before you start cleaning the best mattress for sleeping in India, remove the bed completely and wash the bed. Clean the mattress pad before moving to the sheets and finally the sheets. Use warm water to clean the bed and mattress, as it can help kill dust mites.

Vacuum clean it

The vacuum cleaner is the best tool for cleaning the mattress. Start from the top and go down. Likewise, vacuum the sides of the mattress using a separate brush.

Deodorant with disinfectant

Baking soda is an excellent disinfectant to use under conditions. It is the best disinfectant to eliminate bad for the body. Sprinkle with baking soda and scrub with a scrub brush. Ensure that this mattress enters the fabric. Let it sit for about ten minutes before proceeding to the next step.

Continue with vacuum

Once you apply the baking soda to the stain on the mattress cloth and stick it with oil and moisture, it will be easier to remove the dirt by vacuuming it again. This will help remove moisture along with the cause of odors.

Understand the stain differently

Body fluid stains can be difficult to remove. This may include blood, urine, sweat, and other bodily fluids. Stains are easily removed when fresh. However, you can remove them even after they have settled deeply into the fabric.

Necessary Considerations When Buying Mattress Online

Can you buy a mattress online? if you. However, you should consider the following points when doing so.

Shipping and Delivery

Most reputable online retailers offer free shipping and delivery. However, you should check whether this service is available in your area before purchasing a mattress online.

Waiting Times

The advantage of online shopping is that there are no waiting times. At most, you may have to wait for three to seven days.

Mattress climbing

Online retailers usually deliver best mattress for sleeping in India to the buyer’s doorstep. The manufacturer conducts the assembly of the mattress. These mattresses are also not difficult to assemble.

Exchange offer

If old mattresses are in excellent condition, exchange offers are available.

Sleep test

Nowadays, all large manufacturers allow sleep testing which allows the customer to test the mattress for a specific period of time. Customers receive a refund if the mattress is returned within a specified period.

Some best mattress for sleeping in India manufacturers offer a 30-day sleep test, while others offer up to 100 days. Typically, companies have a minimum break-in period before accepting the return of the mattress. You will need at least three weeks to decide whether the mattress is comfortable or not.

Customers have the option to accept a refund or replacement. Some manufacturers arrange for free returns, while the customer may in some cases have to pay for return shipping. Typically, companies sell these returned mattresses as “second sales” or may even donate them.


Most mattresses come with a generous warranty period. You get a warranty against manufacturing defects such as excessive slackness or failure of mattress layers or coverings.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or other physical damage. Warranty is also not available if the defect is due to the consumer’s ignorance or inability to use the product.


So as we do with our article on the best mattresses in India, let us find answers to some frequently asked questions. Hopefully this will clear things up for you and help you with your purchase plan.

Are firm mattresses better than normal ones?

In general, many people believe that stronger beds are generally better than soft ones. Well, to be honest, this is true in a way. The cedar model usually lasts a long period. They also do not fall that fast. However, if you are suffering from back or neck pain, this will not be a good option for you.

In addition, being very firm also increases the overall weight of the product. Therefore, it may be a little difficult for you to move or move it from one place to another.

How frequently should I wash my mattress?

This depends entirely on the normal use of your mattress. If you lay on it regularly, it will naturally become dusty and dirty.

So in that case, it would be ideal for you to wash it at least three or four times a year. On the other hand, if you do not usually use it daily, then cleaning once every six months will suffice.

Is memory foam bad for muscles?

Memory foam is considered bad for general health by many people around the world. But on the contrary, they are almost right for you. They can help reduce pain in the neck, back and many other places.

Also, since they are soft, they can always make you feel a lot more comfortable in almost any situation. The only problem with them is that they fall very fast. Therefore, they will not be a good option for overweight people.

Does the number of the coil of spring mattress matter?

Okay, in short, no it’s not. The number of coils is not a deciding or purchasing factor in any way. Conversely, before purchasing a spring mattress, you should always pay attention to the quality of the bed.

Does it feel strong in your hands or does it feel a bit loose? These are the questions you should ask yourself when you are thinking about buying a spring mattress.

What is the best mattress available in the Indian market?

In the strictest sense, no model can be classified as the best in the market. Each bed, available on the market, is unique in its own standards. So choosing one of them would be quite objective.

However, if you are looking for some tips on best mattress for sleeping in India, we recommend that you choose a SleepEx double mattress.

On the other hand, if you are looking for latex bed options, opting for a slipseat model would be perfect for you. We have reviewed each of them in our article. So do check them out.


A mattress can make or disturb your restful sleep. Therefore, when selecting one from the stack, you should always be as careful as possible. Read customer reviews and look for the downside of the product before purchasing.

This, in turn, will help you understand whether the model is right for you at some point. However, if you feel confused again, you can always go back to our best mattress for sleeping in India and revisit it.

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